Sillion & Plastic Injection Molding(TOOL)

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Sillion & Plastic Injection Molding
Some magnetic assemblies require sillion compression or plastic injection molding enclosures or protection , etc.
We provide sillion compression & plastic injection molding service as well in order to keep up with customter demands.
Material: low durameter compression molded silicon, high flow high impact strength ABS resin, Polypropylene, etc.
Surface Treament: value added UV coating can be achieved according to customer request.
We will provide you tooling and molding service!

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The rubber coated strong neodymium magnet, surface touch friendly magnet, is one of the most commonly used magnetic tool , it is widely used in our daily life.

Product Description

Product name Rubber coated strong neodymium magnet
Material Neodymium  magnet + rubber cover
Pull Force 8kg  to  42kg, special requirements  can be customized.
Size D22, D43, D66, D68.  other sizes can be customized according to customer assembilies
Shape Internal thread, external thread,  flat thread
Coating Rubber magnet base + plastic handle
Packing Standard ocean packing for ocean shipment,  and air shielding packing for air shipment
Delivery date 1 week for sampling; 2-4 weeks  for main production
Certification ISO9001:2015
Cautions Neodymium magnets are extremely strong,  carefull handling are required in order to avoid personal injury


Q1: How can I get a prototype?
A1: Send us your drawings or samples, we will send you tooling quotation quickly.

Q2: How long for the sampling?
A2: Normally it will take 7 days for the sampling that we have toolings.

Q3: How long for the new tooling?
A3: Normally it will take 30 to 45 days for new tooling production.

Q4: Do you guarantee prototype will be same as the sample?
A4: We can send you prototype for approval, we won’t make production until you are satisfied with the prototype/approved samples.

Q5: How if I want to change the size?
A5: We have to change toolings if you want to change the size. We can customize any sizes according to customer requst!

Q6: Can we put our logo on the product?
A6: Yes, we could put your logo on the product. We make logo by tooling, silk printing, pad printing, UV printing, etc

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