Magnet Cup With External Nut and Greater Pulling Strength (MD)

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Magnet Cup

MD series are magnet cup with external nut, no hole on magnet, bigger in strength!

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Magnet Cup(MD series)

Item Size Dia Nut Thread Nut Hight Hight Attraction Approx.(Kg)
MD10 D10x12.5 10 M3 7.5 12.5 2
MD12 D12x12.2 12 M3 7.2 12.2 4
MD16 D16x13.5 16 M4 8.3 13.5 6
MD20 D20x15 20 M4 7.8 15.0 9
MD25 D25x17 25 M5 9 17 22
MD32 D32x18 32 M6 10 18 34
MD36 D36x18.5 36 M6 11 19 41
MD42 D42x18.8 42 M6 10 19 68
MD48 D48x24 48 M8 13 24 81
MD60 D60x28 60 M8 13.0 28.0 113
MD75 D75x35 75 M10 17.2 35.0 164

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Product Description

The steel cup or steel enclosure increases the pulling force of the magnets, it redirect pull force to the same surface and giving them an incredible holding force for any steel metal/ferromagnetic objects.
What’s more, these magnet cups are resistant to chipping or cracking, convenient for movement and positions. as neodymium magnets nature are brittle, easy to damage when handling.
With epoxy glue to bond the magnets and the steel enclosure, the magnet cups are quite solid and strong, strengh increased more than 30% than naked neodymium magnets.

1. Magnet Raw Materials Ingredients
Ingredients and Compositions(Neodymium Magnet)
Item Element Percent%
1. Nd 36
2. Iron 60
3. B 1
4. Dy 1.3
5. Tb 0.3
6. Co 0.4
7. others 1

2. Hazards Identification
Physical and Chemical Hazard:  None
Adverse Human Healthy Hazards: None
Environmental Effects: None

3. First –Aid Measures
Skin contact: N/A for as solid.
For as dusts or particles, wash with soap and water.
Obtain medical attention if symptoms persist.

4. Fire-fighting Measure
Extinguishing Media: Water, Dry sand or Chemical powder, etc
Fire-fighting Measure: NdFeB is apyrous, in case of fire, First shut off fire headstream, then make use of fire extinguisher or water to put out the fire.

5. Accidental Release Measures
Method for Removal: Take safety measures for handing
Personal Precaution: Keep the magnetized magnets away from a person having an electric/electronic, medical device, such as pacemaker

6. Handing and storage
Do not allow the magnet to come close to fixed a floppy disk and electric watch or a magnetic card since it can destroy or alter the magnetic data.
Do not allow the magnet to come close to a person having an electric/electronic medical device,such as pacemaker
Store in a dry place free from corrosive atmosphere.
Keep away from any magnetic object as iron, cobalt, or nickel magnetizer etc.

7. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection N/A

8. Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State: Solid
Explosion Properties: N/A
Density: 7.6g/cm3
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Solubility in acid: Soluble
Volatility: None

9. Stability and Reactivity
Stable in normal atmosphere.
React with acids, oxidizing agents.
Condition to Avoid: Do not use or store in the conditions as follows:
Acidic, alkaline or electrically conductive liquid, corrosive gases
Materials to avoid: Acids, oxidizing agents
Hazardous decomposition products: None

10. Transport information
Pack up prudently so as to prevent products from breakage.
Regulations for transport: When transport magnetized by air, follow the dangerous goods regulation of IATA (international air transport association).

UPS mentioned Magnets can be shipped internationally, if they do not exceed 0.159 A/m or 0.002 gauss measured seven feet from any surface of the package or if there is no significant compass deflection (less than 0.5 degree).
The requirement from IATA that it is not resticted if the magnetism is lower than 200nT(200nT=0.002GS) measured at a distance 2.1 m

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