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PCB & Electronics (PCB)
Some PCB assemblies require magnet sensor, or mutipole magnet sensor, with strong or weak surface gauss value
We usually make high gauss value magnets with neodymium powder, and the weak gauss value magnets will be made by ferrite powder.
We provide circuit board design and professional one-stop PCBA solutions. motor-driven PCBA are our advantages.
Our multi-pole magnets are popular for PCBA motors and sensors. No mattter neodymium magnet sensor or ferrite magnet sensor, we make it according to your design requirements.
PCB: single sided layer, double sided layer, four layers, multi layers, etc
Surface Finish: HASL(LF), Gold plating, Electroless nickel immersion gold, Immersion Tin, OSP(Entek)

We are experienced in PCB design, components source and equivalents substitute reverse enginnering.
Please send us your BOM for PCBA for quotations.

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Q1: How can I get a prototype?
A1: Send us your BOM, we will send you quotation accordingly.

Q2: How long for the PCBA?
A2: Normally it will take 2-4 weeks according to the components availability.

Q3: Do you guarantee prototype will be correct?
A3: We can send you prototype for approval, we can modify until you are satisfied with the PCBA.

Q4: How if I want to change the PCB design?
A4: We can follow your change and make new PCB design accordingly.

Q5: How can I lower PCBA cost?
A5: Our professional engineer team will make your design”engineering reversed”, we can customize Chinese equivalents and lower the PCBA cost.

Q6: What are the main products of your PCBA?
A6: Motor-driven PCBA are our advantages,others like switching power supply, charger boards, massage chair and therapy gun, etc

Q7: Are you company ISO certified?
A7: Our brother companies are ISO certified. We have different teams with different advantages working on different products.
We will combine all services and make you satified!

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