About Us

Yiwu Magnetic Hill is a professional manufactuer of magnet cup and magnetic assemblies!

What We Do

Magnetic cups are best use for maximum magnetic pull strength!  and magnetic assemblies can also be used as magnetic sensors and motors, etc.

There are many applications for magnet assemblies, and neodymium magnet cups take quite part of them, as neodymium magnets have a  super strong clamping force, magnet cups are removable and convenient . Also the magnetic assembliles can be your own design of your special electronic applications.


What We Have

We also provide steel stamping,CNC machining, rubber compression and plastic injection molding, PCB design and electronic products development service, etc. So whatever products you design,  whatever magnet cups you need, a strong clamping force or a soft clampinig force, it depends on your projects, it is adjustable.

And whatever ideas, magnet cups, magnet assemblies, etc. send us your inquiries, we will give you our solutions! As neodymium magnet cups are made of rare earth raw materials, so the prices are very much fluctuated according to the market, rare earth raw material price up, the cups price will be up, rare earth raw material price down, the cups price will be down.


Our Team

Our team is an honest and hardworking team, when doing business, reliable personality is the best quality of our cooperation, once working with us, you will find a true and honest partner, we are not pursuing the maximum of interest, we are pursuing reliability, mutual benefit and long term cooperation, we respect your intelligence property, our principle is that those who contribute with intelligence and doing hard work deserve rewards! We hope our team to be part of your team and boost your continual success!

Our Story

We engaged in neodymium magnet manufacturing dated June, 2004, and our head company General Magnetic Co., Ltd were originated from our magnet manufacturing factory: Ningbo Townsun Magnet Co, address in the Gaoqiao Industrial Development Area, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China. We are engaged more and more business with our customers, most are related to magnet and magnetic applications.


But we are conscience enterprise in China's magnet industry, and once you cooperate with us, you will find us a good supplier and worth your trust!
And as a manufacturer and reliable supplier ,mutual benefit is the principle of our long term cooperation. We hope to be your best supplier!