Magnet Cup Without Countersink Hole (MB)

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Magnet Cup

MB series magnet cup are magnets with straight holes

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Magnet Cup(MB series)

Item Size Dia Hole Mag hole Hight Attraction Approx.(Kg)
MB16 D16x5.2 16 3.5 6.5 5.2 4
MB20 D20x7.2 20 4.5 8.0 7.2 6
MB25 D25x7.7 25 5.5 9.0 7.7 14
MB25.4 D25.4×8.9 25.4 5.5 6.35 8.9 14
MB32 D32x7.8 32 5.5 9.0 7.8 23
MB36 D36x7.6 36 6.5 11 7.6 29
MB42 D42x8.8 42 6.5 11 8.8 32
MB48 D48x10.8 48 8.5 15 10.8 63
MB60 D60x15 60 8.5 15 15 95
MB75 D75x17.8 75 10.5 18 17.8 155



Neodymium Production Process
Raw Materials Compound→High Temperature Fusion→Milling into Powder→Press Molding→Sintering→Grinding/Machining→Inspection→Packing
Our factory has quality control procedures to make sure that main production are complianit with the approval samples, we help our customer to save cost and meet our customer budget.

How to calculate the attracting force?
The attracking force relate to its material grade and clamping situation.
Take example of N35 block magnet 40x20x10mm, the attracting force of the magnet to a steel plate will be around 318 times of it’s self weight, the magnet weight is 0.060kg, so attacting force will be 19kg.

Will a magnet with a 19kg pull force lift a 19kg object?
No, we can’t assure a magnet with a 19kg pull force will lift a 19kg object because pull force values are tested under laboratory conditions, in the real siutation, you probably can’t achieve the same holding force under your real conditions.
The real effective pull force will be reduced by many factors, such as uneven contact with the metal surface, pulling in a direction that is not perpendicular to the steel, attaching to metal that is thinner than ideal, not perfect surface coatings, etc
and there are many other factors will affect the pull force in the real situations.

Is your magnet cup one pole stronger than the other?
Yes, one pole is much stronger than the other. Normally we put S pole as the main pulling force in our production. N pole will be shielded and redirected to the same S pole same surface, this way it makes the magnetic holding power much more stronger.
Different manufacturer may have different magnetic poles design.

Which is your strongest grade of magnet?
So far neodymium grade N54 (NdFeB) magnets are the highest grade and strongest permanent magnets in the world.

Can you supply multi-pole magnets?
Yes, we are specialized in all kinds of magnets, such as the multi-pole magnets. They are mainly used in low-speed motor.

Can I stack 2 magnets and make the strength doubled?
Yes, if you stack 2 magnets together, you almost make the pulling strength doubled.

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