Magnet Cup With External Nut and Close Hook (MF)

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Magnet Cup

MF series are magnet cup with external nut+close hook, no hole on magnet, bigger in strength!

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Magnet Cup(MF series)

Item Size Dia Nut Thread Close Hook Hight Nut Including Hight Total Hight Attraction Approx.(Kg)
MF10 D10x36 10 M3 23.5 12.5 36 2
MF12 D12x36 12 M3 23.8 12.2 36 4
MF16 D16x36 16 M4 22.5 13.5 36 6
MF20 D20x38 20 M4 23.0 15 38 9
MF25 D25x48 25 M5 31.0 17 48 22
MF32 D32x48.8 32 M6 30.8 18 48.8 34
MF36 D36x48.2 36 M6 29.7 18.5 48.2 41
MF42 D42x49.9 42 M6 31.1 18.8 49.9 68
MF48 D48x66 48 M8 42.0 24 66 81
MF60 D60x70.2 60 M8 42.2 28 70.2 113
MF75 D75x88 75 M10 53.0 35 88 164



Supplier Name Yiwu Magnetic Hill E-commerce Firm
HQ LianDong U Valley Manufacturing Industrial Park,Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China
Group Gaoqiao Industrial Development Area, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China
Factories Magnetic Co., Ltd.
Currency US DOLLAR
Turnover $2,500,000
Quality certification IS09001
Contact Cherish Li
Function Sales
Tel. 86-574-81350271
Customer field Automotive,motor,medicine,hardwares
Customer references PHILLIPS&TEMRO industries

Magnetic production process

Raw Materials Compound→High Temperature Fusion→Milling into Powder→Press Molding→Sintering→Grinding/Machining→Inspection→Packing

1. Raw Materials Compound:
Raw Materials Compound relate to magnetic properties: rare earth raw materials engineering are according to magnetic industry standard or customers specific requirements (to make lot production) (per confidential controlled files)
Small order uses stock magnet ingots for machining (A. double check the grade or properties before machining; B. test the sampling properties after machining, file data)

2. High Temperature Fusion: Inert gas protection, following the fusion operating procedures.

3. Milling into Powder: Inert gas protection, following the milling procedures. Sampling particle size of each lot to ensure the correct particle size was achieved per controlled files.

4. Press Molding: Inert gas protection. Choose properly press tooling. Procedures per controlled files.

5. Sintering: vacuum stove, gas protection, operating computerized sintering program. Pay attention to the gas protection system and water cooling system. Per controlled files.
After sintering, sampling test the magnet ingots, file the data. Qualified magnet ingots were put into stock per grade assortment.

6. Machining: Machining according to the print size. Make new tooling for special requirements.

7. Plating: Plate if applied. Requirements per customer print requirements.

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